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Our Story

Having been born and raised in Iowa with a love for the outdoors, it was always our dream to have a homestead of our own.  After searching for an acreage to call home for over a decade, our journey led us to a picturesque property in Central Iowa with 40 acres of prairie pastureland and majestic oak trees.  The moment our family first saw the land, we fell in love with it.  In October of 2021, we purchased the property and began to dream how we could use it.  By the spring of 2022, we broke ground on our new home and the hard work began.  We started gardens, dug a pond, mended old fences, and put in new ones.  As autumn arrived, we settled into our new home and had everything ready to go.  With the start of the new year, Prairie Oak Homestead welcomed its first 10 Black Angus steers, marking the beginning of an exciting new adventure!

About Our Homestead

At Prairie Oak Homestead, our commitment to excellence begins with our pasture.  Our Black Angus steers rotationally graze on an array of nourishing grasses and legumes and have access to essential vitamins and minerals to ensure their optimal health.  This natural diet contributes not only to their well-being; but also enhances the flavor and quality of the beef they produce.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce that in November of 2024, Prairie Oak Homestead will be expanding its offerings to include pasture raised hog shares, available in both half and whole options.  We will have a total of 5 hogs available for reservation starting in the spring.

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