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Grass Fed Beef Pricing

Customers can place a deposit with Prairie Oak Homestead to reserve their beef share.  The remaining balance is paid once the hanging weight of the carcass is determined.  Customers will also pay the processing fees directly to Story City Locker.  That fee is based on each customer's processing choices.

Hanging weight for a whole share is usually between 600 - 800 lb.

We are currently accepting deposits for beef shares that will be available in June 2024.  The deposit will hold your beef share and will be applied to your final balance due.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Processing Your Beef at Story City Locker

Animals are processed at the Story City Locker.  It is a State of Iowa inspected small meat processor offering both direct-to-consumer and CIS inspected processing.  They are members of the Iowa Meat Processors Association (IMPA) and the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP).

Once processed, the carcass is weighed and the hanging weight is recorded.  After the hanging weight is recorded, you will receive an invoice for the remainder of your payment.  The processing fee of Story City Locker is based on the level of service the customer chooses and is payable directly to the locker.

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Grass Fed Beef Benefits

  • Healthier Fats - 4X more omega-3 to create a healthy Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio.

  • More Vitamins - 2X more Vitamin E and 7X more Vitamin A.

  • No GMO grains, no animal byproducts, and no ethanol plant ​byproducts used in cattle feed.

  • It's better for the environment.​

  • It tastes more beefy!​

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