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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reserve my beef share?​​

A: Email us at or contact Brett at 515-357-8072 and then submit your deposit.

Q: What is 100% grass fed beef?

A: 100% grass-fed beef refers to cattle that are raised on a diet consisting solely of grass and forage throughout their entire lives, except for the milk they consume before being weaned. This type of beef is often considered to have a more natural and nutrient-rich profile compared to beef from cattle that are fed grains and processed plant matter. 

Q: What cuts of beef will I receive?

A: The breakdown of a beef share can vary depending on the specific preferences and choices made by the customer.  However, as a general guideline, a typical beef share will consist of approximately 30% steaks, 30% roasts, and 40% ground beef.

Q: Do I need to cook grass fed beef differently?

A: Typically, yes.  Grass fed beef is a leaner meat, the best results are achieved by reducing the cooking temperature to a medium setting and reducing the cooking time by about 30% when grilling or pan frying.  For further tips, visit Cooking Grass Fed Beef.

Q: Does grass fed beef taste different?

A: While some individuals may notice a difference in the taste of grass-fed beef compared to conventionally raised beef, others may not perceive a significant distinction. Those who do notice a difference often describe grass-fed beef as having a richer, more beefy, or natural flavor. 

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