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Our Approach

At Prairie Oak Homestead, our approach is a combination of ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and a genuine dedication to providing you with the finest pasture-raised beef and pork.  Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and flavorful future.

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Pasture Raised

Our cattle are Pasture Raised on 30 acres.  We use Regenerative Agriculture practices and work to follow organic farming methods as close as we can, fostering a natural environment that thrives on sustainability.

No Hormones

No added hormones, steroids, or growth promoters are used in the raising of our cattle.

No Antibiotics

No antibiotics are administered to our cattle, while upholding a steadfast commitment to their health and vitality.

Regenerative Agriculture with Rotational Grazing

At Prairie Oak Homestead, we practice Regenerative Agriculture and specifically focus on Rotational Grazing.  We move our cattle to different paddocks around the pasture on a weekly basis during the growing season.  This intentional rotation not only provides plants with essential breaks before grazing but also enhances soil structure, promotes biodiversity, improves ground cover, and increases organic matter.


Beyond these benefits, our rotational grazing method acts as a natural safeguard against overgrazing, significantly reduces runoff, mitigates soil erosion, and elevates water quality.  Our pasture boasts a diverse array of grasses and legumes, carefully chosen to ensure our cattle receive a diet that is both healthy and balanced.

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